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Meet G-OLDMAN! Become part of the community and buy NFT collections

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Meet G-OLDMAN! Become part of the community and buy NFT collections

The most distinguished gentleman in the metaverse offers you to buy NFT

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Welcome to G-OLDMAN – Who we are

My dear friends! I am delighted to see you on my website and I really hope you will become part of my incredible community.

Let me introduce myself! I am G-OLDMAN and as you can see I am a golden ager. Fashion is my passion! I love quality designs, be it in the cool 3D / 4K NFT collection that you can buy – or in my cloths and accessories. People say I have an eye for details, and that’s true. It’s because in my generation, we value quality over quantity.

Zoom into our three dimensional 4K-resolution NFTs and you will find that my team put a lot of effort into the details.
Amazing designs await you. Passion and a true desire to create valuable products drive my collection. You
like my clothes and my accessories? Lucky you, they will be for sale for members of my community.
Sustainability, elegance, helpfulness, openness and honesty are character traits that describe me – and my


Forget the fashion shows of the old world. The new place to discover first class apparel is my NFT collection. The catwalk is now in the metaverse. Discover the world of digital fashion – and bring it into your life. How?

By becoming part of the G-OLDMAN community and earning/ buying exclusive NFT art. Because, when you buy from my NFT collection, you not only buy art. You’ll join a first-class club that cherishes high quality apparel. Are you looking for that magic moment when something completely new is born? I will lead the NFT family to unknown quality. We will rediscover style and reinterpret classic gentleman’s accessories on the digital catwalk.

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I am immensely grateful for the opportunities life handed to me. Things went so well for me and go well for the G-OLDMAN community; so naturally, I want to give back. Share my luck and happiness. Make other people feel esteemed and joyful, too. 

I support these organisations because they help integrate senior people into the job market/society. On an even more personal level, I invite elderly people to work with me. Become part of the team, work with us, model for G-OLDMAN!
I appreciate your wisdom, your experience, your network and all those years of knowledge you can bring to our team. If you think likewise, get in contact with us.


ARE YOU READY? Because the story unfolds soon… I don’t want to build a fast business but a sustainable company that produces first class fashion. I would love to have you accompanying my road trip, so here’s my roadmap:

Step 1

My team will be minting the collection (whitelist sale/ public sale). The NFTs, every single one, are awesome!

Step 2

We will be rewarding owners of more than 2 NFTs with endlessly stylish merchandise – so make sure you’re on board.

Step 3

When completely sold out, my clothing collection will be presented. Presale of the first collection for community members only!

Step 4

Remember helpfulness and sustainability are really important to me? That’s why I will be picking projects and causes to donate to. Join us for a special quest and stay tuned!

Step 5

Bam! You think I am an old man? I am a G-OLDMAN! I will be opening stores in New York, Paris, and Milan. We will inspire you, display my collection – and we’ll have the best get-togethers and parties you can think of. Of course, there will be an online store, too. The youngsters in my team will take care of that.


Are you cool enough to be in the limelight? Every one of our community members has it in him/her to become a star on the digital catwalk, too. No matter if you are famous already or want to act out of the anonymity of the metaverse – you can become a model for our apparel. Because looks is not about being a cover model; looks is about acting on style. We will create a spot for you on our stage. Follow us to learn more!

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I am young at heart, and I am looking for like-minded people. I have an excellent network that my community can fall back on in all areas. Connect with me if you love style, or if you are looking for designer brands. If creating a unique community with an ambitious designer team sounds like fun to you, I look forward to welcoming you. 


Of course my style is priceless, but my NFTs are for sale. There will be a total of 8055 NFTs in my G-OLDMAN collection. Of these 8000 are generated and 55 will be individually designed G–OLDMANS.
And if you are a very special supporter, I might even consider to create your personal NFT that will never be part of the collection.
Expect minting for July 24th, 2022. That’s Father’s Day and I want all young and old dads and all other cool dudes, male, female, and diverse, to be able to be part of my community.

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SUPPLY: 8.000/8.055
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SUPPLY: 55/8.055
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What you can look forward to

Besides my exclusive digital art, we offer exclusive merch like the hoodie I wear and much more – made from organic cotton! Clothing will definitely be available for buyers of my NFTs. 

I promise: A collection will be available after full minting for all NFT owners. There will be high-quality apparel designed by renowned designers with over 30 years in the luxury fashion industry. Look forward to one-of-their-kind hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, down vests, socks, shirts.

Marko Vincze

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My team will give out 500 official whitelist (guestlist) places, which can be reached via Discord when you
reach level 10 in our channel. After the 500 spots are filled, we’ll be releasing whitelist spots to individual
supporters who convince me with art, ideas or activities. We will also announce our wallet in the first weeks,
so that we can also be donated to, here we will show our appreciation, of course.


Yes! The sale will open on July 24, 2022.

Check out our discord (link to or

twitter (link to

channels and you will be the first to hear about it.

As stated above, the sale will open on July 24, 2022. Owners of a whitelist seat profit from the presale one day before.

See my roadmap! My passionate team and I work with such drive for this project that you should follow
closely and become part of the community. We will be looking for fashion models at some point and much more. Also expect our collection to appear in digital exhibitions

To complete your upcoming drop application, you must verify your website with the following link >

Where to follow me

 If you want to buy NFT or just want to stay tuned: Follow us on